Blackpool Aquatics ASC was formed by the merger of Newton Hall Blackpool ASC and Blackpool Borough ASC in January 2010.


Committee Members and their roles within the club

Chair Garry Whittle
Vice Chair Paul Wilkinson
Treasurer Sue Burrows
Secretary Janice Whittle
Assistant Treasurer Linda Ormerod
Membership Secretary  Paul White
ASA Registration Officer Maureen Crawford
Swim 21 Co-ordinator Janice Whittle & Paul Wilkinson
Publicity Officer  Sam Bowden & Sandra Wood
Volunteer Co-ordinator  Karen Poole
Fund Raising/Social  Sam Bowden & Elaine Spector
Competition Secretary  Sue Marshall (also Jill Fawl)
Equipment  Elaine Spector & Sam Bowden
Newsletter Elaine Spector
Rep to North Lancs Sean White
Trophy Controller/medals etc.  Mark Fawl
Webmaster Paul Rimmer *
Water Polo Jim Noble & Sean White
Bi/Triathlon Clare Looker
Masters  Paul Lucas & Jim Noble
  * non committee member

If you have any queries regarding the running of the club, or wish to have something raised at the committee meeting, please speak to any member of the committee.

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